what are symptoms of kidney infection in men?

Kidney infection is called pyelonephritis which is caused by bacteria. In general, kidney infection consists of two groups: complicated kidney infection and uncomplicated kidney infection. This belongs to the urinary tract infections. Otherwise, kidney infection is a common medical condition which occurs in 40% women and 10% men in their lifetime. Kidney infection in men is not popular as women due to anatomy of urethra.

Causes of kidney infections

–       Weakened immune system: when your immune system is weak it is easy to get bacteria and fungi then they attack your kidney.
–       The urethra: Due to of pathogen they infect to your urethra then move up to your kidney.
–       Using catheter: Older people or patient who gets troubles with urine flow often gets a catheter for a long time. Therefore, this leads to kidney infection.
–       Sexually active females: When women get sex their urethra is easy to get bacteria then reach the kidneys.
–       Kidney stones or prostatitis.

What are signs of kidney infection?

When you have some of these specific symptoms you should concern effective treatments.

–       Fever
–       Nausea and vomiting
–       Back pain
–       Pain in the lower abdomen
–       Urgent urinary
–       Blood in urine
–       Cloudy urine
–       A foul smell in urine

Complication of kidney infection

There are many severe complications of kidney infection if you would not treated well such as blood poisoning, kidney abscess, kidney failure and severe infection.

Home remedies for kidney infection

Before you go directly to emergency or visit your doctor you can try to apply these home remedies.

–       Stay hydrated: this is a powerful method that boost your immune system and prevent harmful bacteria inside your body. In addition, water can recovery your energy and refresh your kidney. You might perhaps drink at least 8 glasses of water or 2 liters.
–       Vitamin C: try to consume vitamin C as much as possible when you get kidney infection. This mineral helps prevent severe infection and ease symptoms. Otherwise, some kinds of foods include vitamin C such as: orange, grapefruit, cauliflower and cabbage.
–       Apple cider vinegar: this is great remedy which reduces risk of complications from kidney infection. Potentially, apple cider vinegar balances the levels of pH in your body. You can add two teaspoons of honey with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar then consume every day.

These are some basic and simple solutions to treat kidney infection at home. Moreover, you also may probably apply warm compress, garlic, yogurt or clove oil which prevents all toxins inside your kidney.

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