What are signs of kidney infection?

Kidney infection is a result from bacteria which go into the bladder and kidneys. There are many risk which lead to kidney infection such as: the urethra is close to the anus, kidney stones or abnormal urinary tract, having a weakened immune system, using a urinary catheter, prostatitis and sexually active.

Here are some signs of kidney infection which you concern to seek a medical attention:

  1.       Pain and discomfort on the side of kidney

You probably feel a dull pain in your lower back. Moreover, the affected side depends on pain level and type of kidney infection. Some cases, it is just under the ribs. If pain is radiated, you perhaps feel sharp pain and tenderness.

  1.      Fever and chills

With all infection cases, you absolutely get a fever accompanied with chills. Because of overproduction of bacteria, it is easy to get a fever. Try to intake over-the-counter such as acetaminophen or aspirin to reduce fever and pain for a while before you go to visit a doctor.

  1.       Urgent urinary

You normally feel the constant and sudden to urinate. In addition, your urine might have a foul smell and cloud that remark the infection worsens. What’s more, your pain is throb and more pressured which can be related to kidney stone or urinary tract infection.

  1.       Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting can appear when you get kidney infection. These symptoms occur because of abnormal functions of kidneys. For instance, you can get dehydration from fever, vomiting and urinary frequency.

  1.       Blood in urine

Blood in urine means red blood cells passing with urine. It is referred to kidney disorder and a urinary tract infection. You should go to emergency department immediately to check.

On the other hand, some other symptoms which you need to focus on such as fatigue and groin pain.

What are signs of kidney infection?

How to prevent kidney infection

To reduce your risk of kidney infection you should know these methods:

–          Drink enough of water: This can push all toxin and bacteria from your body when you get urination. Otherwise, drinking enough of water might boost your immune system and prevent kidney stone.

–          Empty the bladder after sex: Try to urinate as soon as possible after sex that may ease bacteria from the urethra and reduce other problems.

–          Good hygiene: wiping genital area in the appropriate way to protect your urethra from bacteria. In addition, do not use feminine products such as deodorant sprays or douches that probably irritate your genital area.

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