What Obesity Makes You Miss?


This Universe and our earth are filled with treasures and beauties of the sort that it is hard to imagine or believe until you see them. There is so much on offer and there so much that is waiting to be explored and there is so much that is so beautiful that I cannot even emphasize on the amount of beauty this world holds. So if you have not seen all of it you just cannot and I mean it YOU CANNOT just stay in your bed all day and be as lazy a freaking koala bear. You are better than this. You are way better than this, do not waste your time and more importantly, do not waste your energy only thinking about what you have to eat and when you have to do it. Be alive to live life do not be alive to just eat. All of us have been hearing it all our lives that it is never too late to mend and believe that is so true. You can mend anything even your lazy attitude and more importantly, you can mend yourself physically and mentally. Think of all the things that you miss just being lazy and being slow.

Missing out a lot

My obese friends! Obesity can be fatal but more importantly, it will make you less popular among people and it is true that although the world is trying hard to be more and more acceptable but nobody and I repeats nobody will want to accept an inflated person who just does not want to move a limb all day. The world is galloping towards success and you cannot just sit and wait that success somehow reaches your side table so you can just stretch and grab it. Obesity is making you miss a lot of things. There is so much life out there. There is so much that you could be thankful for if just get up one day and start believing that you can do this and you can change yourself and the only things you will ever need to this would be a nice motivational song (I would love to help you out there) and pair of headphones a few determinations and there goes your obesity and if you look closely there comes a couple of ask-outs as well.

Although I am quite accepting of the fact that there is absolutely no way that someone chooses obesity but in their defense you just cannot say no to food but you should also know when to stop and secondly all that delicious energy intake should but exhaled somewhere as well and in this simple manner obesity can be told to leave in simpler and polite words.

Jokes on you

If all this has not helped you to stop being obese I’m sure some of these things just might. The average rate of obese guys getting girls is far too low to even try. I believe that being wanted by someone special and being loved by someone is a beautiful feeling and to feel that emotion you need to throw obesity out of the way really badly otherwise, to be honest, your lover would not even be able to hug you properly and tell me who does not like hugs? Being obese will cause you to miss out on many things. There are little treasures of life that can be enjoyed there are small smiles that are stretched everywhere in the world and you can be a part of them only if you are active enough to at least get there first. The entire world this beautiful nature wants you to change your decision of being obese and become an active one and become someone who has seen it all who has a life to live. There are so many jokes on fats people there are so many things that can be said to hurt them there are so many things that thy would not be able to do. So?? Would you want to be that guy? I would suggest that you do not be that guy and be the guy who loves his life be the guy who would get up from his comfort zone whenever he wants to we unsettled be very sexy.


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