How to treat a hematoma leg at home

Do you know what a hematoma leg is? What are the complications of hematoma leg? How to treat a hematoma leg at home? This article will provide all information to answer for you these questions.

What is a hematoma leg?

A hematoma leg appears when the blood vessel wall is injured in the leg. This affected area suffers from pain, bruise, tenderness and redness around. Moreover, it can cause difficult movement. The intensity of the symptoms might belong to the severity of the damaged location.

What are the complications of hematoma leg?

There are some possible complications of hematoma leg:

–          Muscle atrophy and weak walking due to damaged muscles and nerves.

–          Easy to get infection because the skin leaks.

–          The healing is delayed.

–          When the condition is severe, hematoma leg is a necrosis that probably get an amputation.

Home remedies to treat hematoma leg:

–          Rest: Take a rest after you found out a hematoma leg. Relaxation is good for healing of injured. Moreover, try to avoid movement or strong physical activities. It helps reduce inflammation.

–          Ice packs: Ice is a best way to reduce pain and inflammation from an injury. You can wrap the bag of ice into a clean towel then apply into affected area for 20 minutes. In addition, you should do several times per day to get effectiveness.

–          Elevation: Elevate your leg in a higher position that above the level of your heart. This solution helps optimize venous return to the heart.

–          Pineapple: there is an important substance in pineapple which names bromelain. It has an ability to reach the injured blood vessels and reduce inflammation. You can cut a pineapple slice then rub it gently on your hematoma. Keep it for 4 minutes then remove it. Do not let it over 5 minutes that leads to burn your skin. If you want a simple syringoma treatment at home, pineapple juice is also one of the greatest choices.

–          Toothpaste: Mix a little of toothpaste with lotion then apply to the hematoma location before bed. When hematoma leg is swelling and discoloration toothpaste helps get rid of it faster.

–          Lavender oil: Lavender is not only a herb of love, it is also a good medication to treat a hematoma leg. Lavender has bunch of health benefits such as antiseptic, boost your immune system, and reduce inflammation, skin care and more. Potentially, lavender is a best choice to soothe your pain and reduce infection from hematoma leg. Drop a little lavender oil in a cold water bowel then soak a clean towel then apply on your hematoma area.

–          Diet: What foods you eat can affect to your healing process that why you must consider to eat specific diet with high of protein, vitamin K and fiber to improve your treatment. Beside, try to drink enough of water to stay hydrated.

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