How to Get Rid of Bumps under the Eyes

Milia or also known as small white bumps [1] or called cysts appear in any part of the face, including under the eyes. It is supposed that such bumps occur when dead skin becomes trapped in small pockets at the surface of the skin. Infants are more likely to have milia in the months following birth. Treatment of milia is not really recommended in infants or children, however. On the other hand to adults, if you want to remove the visible bumps, natural home remedies are available all the time as you can make use of it.

Followings are some natural home remedies for you to make use of without going nowhere.

1. Honey – How to Get Rid of Bumps under the Eyes

Honey has been long considered as excellent ingredient, or a natural humectant that retains moisture in your skin.

How to use:

Apply a thick coat of raw honey on your skin.

Let it sit for about 15 minutes and wash it off after that.

Do these action everyday till you see the bumps disappearing completely.

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2. Sugar-Lemon Scrub – How to Get Rid of Bumps under the Eyes

This is another scrub to help you get rid of the unsightly bumps effectively in just first few weeks.

How to use:

Dissolve two tablespoons of granulated sugar in half a lemon.

Add one teaspoon olive oil.

Rub the mixture over your face.

Wait for it to dry for 15-20 minutes then rinse off with water after that.

3. Castor Oil – How to Get Rid of Bumps under the Eyes

Castor oil is best known for being rich in antibacterial properties as well as effectively controls production of excess oil from your skin.

To have the best result, you can massage your face daily with castor oil on daily basis. Alternatively, you can mix with small amount of olive oil.

4. Steam – How to Get Rid of Bumps under the Eyes

It is claimed that steam can unclog the pores and removes the debris and dead cells from the skin effectively. The trick with steam is super simple as you only need to damp a towel in hot water and squeeze out the excess water. After a while, you can place a towel on your face and wait for couples of minutes. Remove it after 15 minutes.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar – How to Get Rid of Bumps under the Eyes

Apple cider vinegar has been considered as a wonderful astringent, while cornstarch absorbs extra oil from the skin. The combination of these two works wonder in dealing with problem of milia.

You will need to mix1 tsp of apple cider in 3 tsp of corn starch to make a paste. Apply the paste over your face and wash off after 30 minutes to avoid dry skin.

6. Tea Tree Oil – How to Get Rid of Bumps under the Eyes

If it is applied on daily basis, tea tree oil can help dry up the small white milia bumps miraculously. Besides, is has been regarded as a natural disinfectant for your skin.

Clean your face thoroughly.

· Rub small amount of tea tree essential oil on your palm.

· APPY OVER the affected area once daily.

· Wash off the next morning.

· Repeat this home treatment until you see improvement, just in five days.

7. Aloe Vera – How to Get Rid of Bumps under the Eyes

This herb has been regarded as a wonderful antioxidant [2] and anti-inflammatory properties for a long time.

The trick with this ingredient is to simple applying the gel over the affected areas. You will notice different result in first few weeks of application.

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  1. I used acv on the syringoma around my eyes. The fumes wafted in and BURNED my eyes!!! Like chopping onions. OUCH. Please stop advising you do this!!!!!!!!

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