Why do you get staph infection on skin

Staph infection on skin is an infection which due to staphylococcus bacteria. This bacterium is a common germ that found on the skin. There are some typically symptoms include a high fever, pus, red, swollen and large blisters. In addition, there are various symptoms depend on what kind of staph infection you have.

Why do you get staph infection on skin

Causes of staph infection on skin

Bacteria, which develop this condition, can be transmitted from person to person. Because the staph bacteria might live for a long time. Moreover, the staph bacteria can survive in the extreme dry or hot environment.

How to treat staph infection on skin by home remedies

  1.       Tea tree oil

It contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which also reduce pain and red from infection as well. You can take a cotton ball then dip some oil and apply on the affected location. Otherwise, you can mix some Aloe Vera gel with a few drops of oil and a little bit of honey to apply on the infected area. After a few hours, clean it with clean water. Try to do it for twice per day.

  1.       Honey

Put directly some honey on the affected place for a couple of hour then clean with water. Try to repeat it for several times per day to heal more quickly. Honey is a strong natural way which can cure many medical conditions such as kidney infection, sore throat and cough as well. Honey might probably prevent complication of staph infection.

  1.       Garlic

Garlic has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is used for many aims. Garlic improves your immune system and reduces symptoms of infection. Try to add garlic into your cooking or take garlic supplementary pills. Other option is apply some garlic oil on the infected area then cover by bandage for couples of hour.

  1.       Turmeric

There are many helpful elements inside turmeric such as antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. On the other hand, it promotes immune system for your body to fight with toxins or harmful materials. You can apply the turmeric powder for couples of time per day on the affected area. Moreover, you can mix a teaspoon of powder with 4 cup of hot water then simmer for 10 minutes. After that, having it strained and drink 2 or 3 time per day.

  1.       Castor oil

Castor oil contains some great properties which can defense the infected area from outside. In addition, castor oil reduces pus and swelling from staph infection. There are many options to use castor oil but you should apply directly oil on the infected location then cover it. Repeat this process for several times per day.

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