Can’t wait to get rid of my throat pain

Throat pain or sore throat is a condition which is related to pain, itchy and difficult to swallow. There are many factors that cause a throat pain such as viral infection, bacterial infection, outside factors and other causes. Are you worried how to get rid of throat pain. Read this article to know clear:

Can't wait to get rid of my throat pain

  1. Drink enough of water

This is one of the common ways in treat some medical conditions. However, you might not know detail about how important it is to our body. Stay hydrated can increase your immune system and remove toxins inside your body. Otherwise, drink enough water can soothe your throat pain and prevent inflammation.

  1. Licorice root

Some previous studies reported the effectiveness of licorice root when use it which mix with water. This material reduces inflamed and red in your throat.

  1. Throat spray

Almost the ingredient contains in the throat spray products is phenol which help reduce irritations and itchiness.  Moreover, it can boost your immune system and shorten your duration. Read indication and instruction carefully before using.

  1. Use a humidifier

You can use a humidifier to keep moisture for your throat and reduce pain.

  1. Gargle salt water

You throat becomes red and pain when you swallow. Salt water can reduce pain and cure your redness. Instruction: Put ½ teaspoon of salt then stir it into a glass of warm water then gargle it. Salt water helps push all dirt and foreign things which cause infection or inflammation. Repeat about several times per day to soothe pain quickly.

  1. Honey

Honey is too kind with our body. It can deal many medical problems such as hematoma, cough and more. In addition, skin care is also one of the great way to improve your appearance. To cure sore throat with honey, you can put directly a few of honey into your mouth or you can drink with warm tea. Drink one or two time per day to get effectively. Potentially, try to drink before go to bed and in the morning.

  1. Medications

There are some medications which probably help you to treat at home such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. These drugs reduce pain and block some strange substances which cause inflammation. Moreover, it helps ease fever and swelling.

Caution: When you use this medication you should consider to some side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and drowsiness. Therefore, if your throat pain has not cured or relieve you should seek a medical attention.

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