Can Breast Augmentation Enhance Cleavage?

A recent publication of a famous magazine claimed that “cleavage is nowhere closer to being over”. Just how fuller and firm breasts add to the feminism of a women, a good cleavage being prominent in a deep neck dress completes the picture. But with the ever increasing charm of breast augmentation, are people just not into cleavage anymore?

Breast augmentation is the key source to making the dream of women come true. They achieve the breasts that they could only think of; the lack of confidence, the self consciousness, and the disproportionate body structure is aesthetically corrected. Although, breast augmentation is still the most in demand plastic surgery and the fan following is never going down, but even cleavage is never going out of style!

Saying cleavage is “out” is like saying people have stopped liking ice cream anymore. This space between the two breasts is a classic and sexy symbol of femininity. If it was to be taken as a fashion trend then probably it should be the most enduring fad of history. Let’s discuss how you can have breast augmentation for bigger breast and enhanced cleavage as well:

How is Post Breast Augmentation Determined?

The term cleavage is used for defining the distance between the two breasts. What is generally known as attractive cleavage is technically called “narrow”, the point where the breasts naturally close together. Surgeons at Crispin Plastic Surgery Center say, the women coming for Breast Augmentation in Atlanta desire a narrow cleavage, this however is not possible accomplish in all cases, especially when the breasts are widely separated.

Post breast augmentation cleavage is determined by the gap between the inner edge of women’s breasts and by the distance between the nipples. Through breast augmentation procedure the surgeon can cheat the implants and place them slightly closer but they should be centered beneath the nipples for a natural appearance.

But, Why Can’t Implants Create A Narrow Cleavage?

In Case of Overly Close Implants – It might seem that narrow cleavage is achievable by pushing the implants a bit closer. However, on placing the implants a bit too close will end the nipples pointing outward. So, instead of creating a very improved cleavage, it would rather give an unnatural appearance. Moreover, trying to place the implants a bit too close also make the implants visible and the skin rippled.

The patients who have less flesh on them will suffer more complications in such cases as they will have less skin to cover or hide the implants. Implants can be placed closer when placed under the sub-pectoral muscles.

In Case of Overly Large Implants – When large implants are placed in order to achieve narrow cleavage, the implants will become unpleasant and unnatural. In this case the inner of the implants will rest underneath the chest bone’s thin skin, causing the skin to ripple. Narrow chest patients will also have larger implants extended into the outer edge, causing the breast to bulge in the underarm area.

How Much Cleavage to Expect After Breast Augmentation?

The Realistic Approach to Cleavage and Breast Augmentation – Surgeons are Crispin Plastic Surgery Center are skilled in performing breast augmentation procedure and considering the cases of narrow and wide cleavage patients. During the consultation, the surgeon will take measurements of your breast and will decide on placing the implants according to your structure and goal.

Breast augmentation surgical procedure is for achieving beautiful and natural looking fuller breasts as an end result. This however cannot be achieved if the implants are placed improperly. The surgeon does take all the facts into consideration and place the implants very carefully underneath the areola. You should always have a realistic approach to breast augmentation and cleavage, since not all the patients can have the same cleavage and breasts after breast augmentation procedure is completed.

Can Breast Augmentation Enhance Cleavage – Myth or True

If you’re lacking cleavage before breast augmentation procedure, your surgeon will use a combination of breast implant profile, shape, and size to address the cleavage. However, there is no magical formula for adding great cleavage to all women, as every individual will have a different outcome and there are limitations in even plastic surgery for certain cases.

This however is a myth that implants can result in creating noticeable cleavage, no matter what shape and size the women body is. Once you have breast augmentation procedure performed on you, you will certainly see visible differences in your breasts and over all structure, you will even notice clear cleavage, but the surgeon cannot guaranty enhanced cleavage for ever patient.

Cleavage results and even breast augmentation results vary significantly as the personal anatomy of every woman is different. It is always recommended to do your part in research but leave the final decisions for the consultation time. Your surgeon will conduct various tests and will even examine your body, including those and your expectations in mind, he will mutually decide for the procedure and additional enhancements.

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