Syringoma Treatment at Home – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Now, you will have a chance to examine causes, symptoms and syringoma treatment at home.


Syringomas are classified as one of skin disorders that come with the emergence of bumps on your skin. They might be noticed on face or forehead and throughout time, expand to other areas, such as chest or genitals. Teenagers are more likely to experience this problem during the puberty (1). Genetics has large impacts on the risk of syringomas.

The consequences of syringomas are mainly on our appearance. Thanks to medical advances, syringomas can be treated with laser treatment now. However, many people are reluctant to resort to this method because of its costs. In fact, there are many natural home remedies for syringomas around you. They are simple, effective and most importantly, safe for every type of skin.

Below are top simple tips on syringoma treatment at home.

1. Pineapple Juice – Syringoma Treatment at Home

If you want a simple syringoma treatment at home, pineapple juice is one of the greatest choices. Its richness of vitamins and minerals will help you restore the light color of skin areas affected by syringomas.

Pineapple - Syringoma Treatment at Home

The juice can be consumed every day or you can apply it immediately over skin areas affected by syringomas, with the help of a cotton ball.

2. Aloe Vera – Syringoma Treatment at Home

Without a surprise, aloe vera is a great push for syringoma treatment thanks to its various benefits on our skin. Its provision of moisture will make sure that your skin is not dry. Additionally, it can make your skin light and smooth. The fresh gel can be rubbed directly over areas affected by syringomas 2-3 times on a daily basis.

3. Lemon Juice – Syringoma Treatment at Home

The next home remedy for syringoma is very familiar as well – lemon juice. Its strongly acidic nature is sometimes misunderstood as harmful, but the fact is that this quality is beneficial for treating some skin disorders, including syringomas.

Lemon Juice - Syringoma Treatment at Home

  • Squeeze a lemon to have the fresh juice.
  • Mix the same parts of the juice and water to reduce the acidity.
  • Dip a cotton ball in it and dab it over the skin affected by syringomas.

4. Castor Oil – Syringoma Treatment at Home

Serving as a discutient, castor oil can make great contributions to syringoma treatment at home as it stops this problem from expanding to other areas. Castor oil will reduce the risk of scars after syringomas. It can be rubbed immediately over areas affected by syringomas.

5. Onion – Syringoma Treatment at Home

Despite its unpleasant smell, onion makes it perfect to become a part of syringoma treatment at home. Its acidity is also powerful to cope with syringomas.

  • A cotton swab should be dipped in the juice and then, placed over areas affected by syringomas.
  • 30 minutes later, clean the skin with cool water.

6. Flaxseed – Syringoma Treatment at Home

Flaxseed can be regarded as one of the best sources of moisture to make the skin softer. Thus, it can take part in syringoma treatment at home. When flaxseed oil is applied regularly on syringomas, it takes some days for them to fall off naturally. In case flaxseed oil is not available, try this way:

  • Get flaxseeds grinded and combine it with raw honey.
  • Apply them over the skin.

7. Almond Oil – Syringoma Treatment at Home

Almond Oil - Syringoma Treatment at Home

Syringoma treatment at home can be accelerated if there is the participation of almond oil. All you need to do is to rub some drops of it on the skin and massage these areas for several minutes per day. The effect will come very quickly.

8. Garlic – Syringoma Treatment at Home

Garlic contains a few enzymes that are beneficial for syringoma treatment at home. In addition, garlic can help you make the skin light and have the same color as other areas.

  • Get crushed garlic applied over areas affected by syringomas.
  • Take a bandage to cover these areas for one night.

9. Grapefruit Seed – Syringoma Treatment at Home

Grapefruit seed is the next recommendation on syringoma treatment at home, thanks to its richness of flavonoids and vitamins E. These compounds are beneficial for the efforts to get a soft and light skin.

  • Get its extract rubbed over the skin.
  • These areas should be covered with a bandage for some hours.

10. Sandalwood – Syringoma Treatment at Home

The last tip is sandalwood. It also appears in many home remedies for skin disorders. Its pleasant smell is a great advantage when applied on your skin.

Sandalwood - Syringoma Treatment at Home

  • Some spoons of sandalwood powder and rose water should be mixed together.
  • Apply the mixture over areas affected by syringomas.

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